Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Couponing - Part 2

Now that we know where to get our coupons, it’s time to learn the lingo. Couponers have their own special language that can be somewhat mystifying. Never fear! I have your “decoder ring” here!

There are four major coupon inserts that come in the newspaper. Here they are:

SS: This is the Smart Source insert.

RP: This is the Red Plum insert.

P&G: This is the Proctor & Gamble insert.

GM: This is the General Mills insert.

Other terms you may need to know are:

IP: This is shorthand for “Internet Printable”.

Catalina: These are the coupons that print out at the cash register at your grocery store.

OOP: This stands for “out of pocket”. This is how much you actually spend after all coupons, etc.

BOGO, B1G1: This is short for “buy one get one free”.

MIR: Short for “Mail In Rebate”.

Blinkie: These are the little machines you sometimes find in the grocery aisles that produce coupons. They are called blinkies because of the blinking light on it.

Peelie: These are coupons that you find stuck to the product itself.

Hangtag: These are coupons that you find around the neck of some bottles.

SCR: Single Check Rebate. This is the rewards program for Rite Aid.

ECB or EB: Extra Care Bucks or Extra Bucks. This is the rewards program for CVS.

RR: Register Rewards. This is the rewards program for Walgreens.

This is the basic jargon for couponers. Tune in tomorrow to find out what’s next!

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