Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Couponing - Part One (Continued)

Okay, we left off yesterday at internet coupons. I mentioned Coupons.com. There are other free coupon sites. One is Smart Source and another is Red Plum. The coupons you get from these sites are free. Simply select the coupons you want and click print. These sites require you to download the coupon printer application. This is free and completely safe.

Internet coupons generally limit you to two copies. On the sites mentioned above, after you've printed you can generally go back to the home page and start over for a second print.

There are also "free-standing" coupons called bricks coupons that are generally put out by the manufacturer of the product. You can find these by visiting the manufacturer sites of your favorite products. These are related to Coupons.com. To get a second print of these coupons you will need to hit your back-bar.

Another source of coupons could be your friends and family. If they don't use coupons, they might be willing to give you what they receive in their own newspapers. Or you could set up a swap and drop where you exchange coupons that you don't use. Someone else might drop off something you can use.

Next phase - Coupon Lingo!


  1. Don't forget the General Mills site! They always have great coupons!

  2. This is off to a great start! I am really excited. I think that you may be able to help me understand this and begin to save big $$$ like you! :) YAY