Thursday, February 11, 2010

Couponing - Part Three

Today we will discuss how to organize your coupons for maximum efficiency. It used to be that I would just put a few coupons in my purse with the intention of whipping them out at the cash register. Invariably, I would forget them. So when I became serious about couponing I knew I would have to have a better system.

I have tried several methods but my favorite by far is the shoebox method. I took a small shoebox and made dividers from index cards. I created categories by labeling the index cards. Every Sunday after I purchase my coupons, I clip the ones I know I’ll use and also ones I think I might use. Then I organize them by category and place them in the box. The box fits easily into a shopping cart basket and simplifies my shopping trip by placing everything at hand.

Another method is the coupon binder. This is created by using a large zippered binder and multiple baseball card holder sleeves. The coupons fit into the sleeves and you can see exactly what you are looking for as you flip the pages. I tried this myself, adding dividers to separate my categories. It quickly became too much work for me.

A third method is the file. Some couponers simply place the entire coupon insert, unclipped, into a file folder labeled with the date and type of insert. This is a simple method but didn’t work for me because I didn’t have my mental list of coupons since I hadn’t actually handled and clipped the coupons.

When you shop, take your whole box or binder with you. You never know when you will happen on an unadvertised sale and need a coupon from your stockpile.

Tomorrow, look for my next couponing post…The Basic Rules of Coupons.

See ya!

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